#Mentoo: When Men have been Misinterpreted in most of the sexual harassment cases

Karthik used to be a part of the yoga group where he used to set the mats, blocks, straps and bricks and it was his job only which required him to arrive early at the Yoga studio based in New delhi. Karthik was residing in Ghaziabad so it was quite a long commute for him on a daily basis and this is where Karan and Ryma (one of the fellow Yoga aspirants) allowed him to stay with them to ease up his daily schedule.

It was one of those days when Karan was not at home and Ryma got diverted towards the chiseled physique of Karthik. They both got into a physical relationship out of nowhere and the same continued for more than an year. Eventually, Karthik got attracted to a girl and he thought that his relationship with Ryma isn’t going any further so he asked her to start maintaining due distances. Ryma got pissed off out of the same and slapped rape charges against Karthik after hearing about his relationship with another girl. Karthik landed into the jail as he got no one to listen to his part of the story and even when the physical connection between him and Rhyma was a mutual one, he got victimized in the process.

Karthik’s case isn’t the only one and we can find hundreds of men around us who can be seen getting harassed on fake sexual harassment charges on daily basis. All of these men are truly a victim of the existing social notion that its only the women who come at the receiving end in case of a sexual harassment incident. Even though there have been numerous reports surfaced from around the world about men’s plight in the same context, this social believe is standing tall and strong since ages now.

Quite recently, there was a senior employee form an Indian IT company who was been suspended from his services simply on the basis of sexual harassment allegations by two of his colleagues. It was been alleged that the same guy has sexually harassed two of his female counterparts in the office premises. Unfortunately, the guy committed suicide out of the same and before he attempted the suicide, he wrote a letter to his wife quoting himself as “Innocent”.

The incident sparked a big controversy in the social circles in no time within minutes; people from all walks of life came to the support of the victim and his family. Avinash Kaushik, one of the most renowned authors, quoted his opinion in the same regards whilst saying, “I believe if this is who we are going to judge the crimes by a person, and we are in a horrible state of justice in the country. When law says Men and women needs to be treated equally, we have to mean that in every aspect whether it’s social or legal”. On the other side, Poonam Pandey, famous model and actress stated,” Even whilst I am a girl, I can say that men have often been misunderstood and misinterpreted many a times. They are like us and got feelings and emotions in the same context. With that said, they must be treated equally when it comes to pass a judgment regarding sexual harassment or anything else.

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