Mohit Goel and his emotional saga of being arrested in love

It’s been two years since Mohit has been working as a software developer in a renowned firm in Delhi. Everything is going just fine in his life and he is following the same “work-home-work” cycle ever since he has joined this company. Mohit always dreamt of having his own firm someday but his thoughts don’t always match with his savings and this is where he often gets miffed out of the same situation. It was one fine day when he came across with a new- joinee in the office who was assigned with a project to work along with Mohit. Her name was Reema and just like Mohit, she also carried lots of hopes and wishes whilst entering into this tricky corporate coliseum.

The project they were assigned with was quite critical and they often have to spent long hours whilst working in the office together. This is where they came to the habit of enjoying each other’s company and within no time, the love bell rang in their hearts out of nowhere. Mohit and Reema started catching up more often and while they were arrested in love, the grapevine in the office, everyone came to know about their relationship. It was right then when Mohit was shifted to another project with probably the most talked about girl in the office, Neha. Neha was someone who was away from all the theoretical emotions in the life and she has been through situations which have taught her to stay practical in almost all the situations.

Even though Mohit was arrested in reema’s love, he was not been able to answer her calls and messages due to his busyness with the office work and this is where they both experienced a rough patch in their relationship. Moreover, it was one night when Mohit and Neha stayed till midnight hours in the office due to the project commitments and after they left, Neha requested Mohit to accompany him for a drink at the nearby bar. Even though Mohit is an occasional alcoholic, he didn’t mind few pegs whilst brushing through all the stress and pressure of the office work. They talked for few hours with some drinks and soon realized that it was about to hit 4 on the clock.

Neither Neha nor Mohit turned up to office next day due to the hangover they took the last night and whilst the boss was quite okay with it, Reema got really pissed off out of the whole situation. She was constantly messaging Mohit who wasn’t been able to respond due to the deep sleep out of hangover and eventually decided to break up. A couple who were arrested in love was now getting apart on a really bad note and this was simply devastating for both of the individuals. Mohit fell into a really bad mood out of the same and it didn’t take much to Neha to figure out whilst being on the project alongside. In no time Neha realized what’s cooking between Mohit and Reema and she instantly approached the latter for the same. Well her efforts reaped some great rewards for the lovely couple and they once again got arrested in each other’s love.

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